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Our naturally occurring yellow extender pigment is an economical 2 in 1 Pigment-Extender powder ideal for substituting Titanium Dioxide Pigment for water based paint and Quartz Paint. It can replace up to 100% of Titanium Dioxide Pigment in ordinary water based formulation. Extender pigments are solid particles with a wide range of particulate sizes. The solid component of these pigments makes them adequate fillers to increase the volume of paint with limited binders. This makes the paint more structurally sound and resistant to external wear-causing factors.

Extender pigments can provide added benefits based on its chemical properties and how these properties react with a parent paint substance. Some benefits include:

Increased ease of paint application

Increased adhesive properties

Improved film roughness

Improved paint bulking

Increased paint film hardness

Our extender pigment is a naturally occurring chemical substance that is added to paint or coating to improve its properties such as durability, cost, and resistance to corrosion or wear.