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About Us

Our company Hamdail PLC was founded 50 years back by our father, Mr. Hamdail Mohammed. Later on, in 2004, the company has been re-established by the family shareholders.

In the meantime, our company is running by skilled, well-educated and dynamic

entrepreneur, Hajji Shukrail Hamdail, an Electrical Engineer by profession and he has long years of experience in generating, managing and running various successful business lines in Ethiopia.

We are now participating in construction, real estate, manufacturing, mining and

processing construction and industrial fillers, agro-industry, import and export, and tourism business sectors. Currently, we are engaging in the producing and supplying of its products globally by providing high quality products and services to our customers beyond their satisfaction.

We have built strong and long lasting business relations with many firms,

industries and service providers who are originated in many parts of the world by providing high quality product and service under customer oriented conditions.







50 years of experiences for give you better results