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SI 100

Selenite is mostly synonymous with gypsum, but from the 15th century,
it has named the transparent variety that occurs in crystals or
crystalline masses. All varieties of gypsum, including selenite
and alabaster are composed of calcium sulfate dehydrate with the
chemical formula CaSO4·2H2O.
The main distinguishing characteristics of crystalline gypsum are its
softness (hardness 2 on Moh’s scale, soft enough to scratch with a
fingernail) and its three unequal cleavages. Other distinguishing
characteristics include its crystal habits, pearly luster, easy fusibility
with loss of water, and solubility in hot dilute hydrochloric acid.



Selenite, along with other forms of gypsum is used in:-
 Plaster
 Soil conditioners
 Paint fillers
 Cement retardants
 Drywall products
 Decorative and ornamental purpose
 According to modern metaphysical practitioners, selenite
conveys white light that calms troubled minds, stabilizes
emotions, and clarifies thoughts

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